Saturday, November 7, 2020

What A Week

My wake up face.
Well, I woke up to some decent news! And I feel a little better than I have in (*checks watch*), oh, about four years.

Like any proper leftist, I'm not going to take a victory lap and relax until the next election cycle. (Voting: It's literally the LEAST you can do.) There will be protests and demonstrations and marches and writing to representatives, and of course I'm a writer so I have that whole "My pen is my weapon!" complex going on, and what I "do" is mostly try to influence hearts and minds with my writing here. 

But HOLY GOOD GOD DAMN FUCKING SHIIIIIIIT, am I ever looking forward to having just a little bit less to write about partisan politics. Partisan politics is the necessary evil of policy and governance (can't govern if you don't win), but 90% of the time it is kind of background radiation to social issues and cultural narratives, and those are actually what I like to unpack, examine, and write about. But since fascism and open white supremacy on the ballot WAS a social issue and the entire Republican movement over the last four years has been a cultural narrative*, well, you can see how it affected the last couple of years of my writing. 

(*Not that it's really over. I wasn't born HOUR ago. It's just going to change form like a Pokemon evolving. 70 million Americans knew EXACTLY what they were getting and said, "Not a dealbreaker.")

Hell, maybe I'll even get in a post reviewing a movie or a video game, an occasional navel gazing personal update or something (and a bit more content over on WAW), and not feel like I might be missing the opportunity to do just a little bit more to save our (admittedly flawed) democracy.

Thank you all for your patience while I twisted and turned and bit my pillow (none of it in the good way). We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming. 

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  1. Of course it’s not over, of course there are a thousand fights left to fight and wrongs to right and a whole lot of white supremacy to root out and beat down, but goddamn, was it a nice day to feel like maybe *everything* hasn’t gone quite to shit yet.