Monday, August 5, 2019

New Blog Who Dis?

Hello everyone.

We're moving NOT Writing About Writing over here. I really like this idea of having a second blog (and....I also really like having it encompass more than JUST social issues), but I think the initial enthusiasm of the Teletype team has faded. I wish them the very best in the world, but their platform was new and had some issues and certainly couldn't do everything like the "Gadgets" on the side of the screen. It's not worth being a beta writer pro-bono. And I think the folks over at Teletype probably were hoping that a million followers on Facebook was going to translate into a lot more traffic for them. But I wasn't going to spam a link on a writing page that wasn't about writing and building up blog audiences can take years.

It's going to be a few days of fiddling with the knobs. I want this blog to look a little different so there's no confusion, and I'll probably make some place holder posts so I can move some of my better articles from there to here.

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